Beverage Law Institute provides financing options to clients looking to purchase a liquor license. A liquor license loan is generated by a lend providing 70-80% of the Loan to Value of the license. The borrower then proceeds to reimburse the loan over an extended period of time, generally reaching 10 years.

Beverage Law Institute connects borrowers with private lenders and oversees the process to ensure both parties come to a mutually beneficial arrangement. Once the agreement has been reached, we assist with the application and streamline the process to make it as simple as possible. After the loan has been processed, it is administered by our sister company, Alpine Start.

Alpine Start offers a variety of services to continue the successful borrower/lender relationship. They handle the loan’s Agreement for Service, attend the Closing, and file the promissory and security agreements. Throughout the ten year stretch, Alpine Start works as the liaison between borrower and lender on a monthly basis. They collect and disperse payments and take care of any tax related preparations or issues.

Through the combined efforts of Beverage Law Institute and Alpine Start, our company has produced over 250 successful loan agreements.