Horace Alexander Moody


Horace Alexander Moody, founder of Beverage Law Institute, began his career within the law enforcement field and was elected as Sheriff of Levy County in 1976. Prior to establishing Beverage Law Institute, Horace spent a number of years within the law enforcement profession and was Sheriff of Levy County from 1976-1981. When his service came to an end, Horace was chosen to serve as Chief of Law Enforcement for the Division of Alcoholic Beverages and Tobacco. He held this position for six consecutive years before branching out and starting Beverage Law Institute. Horace’s thirty plus years of experience within the Liquor License Industry has developed Beverage Law into the thriving business it is today. Horace is currently the President of Beverage Law Institute which provides consulting services and employee training programs to alcohol-selling establishments. He also brokers licenses for clients, establishing mutually beneficial agreements. Horace’s extensive knowledge of the alcohol industry within Florida allows him to be called upon as an expert witness in civil court cases. To learn more about Horace’s expert witness experience (hyperlink to Expert Witness page) or buying and selling a license, please contact Horace directly at (850) 599-2480.

Brent Moody


Brent Moody graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree from Florida State University while competing at the Division 1 level as a punter for the football team. He is the current Vice President of Beverage Law Institute and is taking the company in a new and exciting direction. Brent established Alpine Start Funding to work alongside Beverage Law and manage all liquor license loans coming through the business. He oversees the relationship between lender and borrower. Brent also personally oversees the deposit of applications at the Division of Alcohol and Tobacco and shadows them as they are being processed.  For more information regarding loans or buying and selling a license, please contact Brent at (850) 228-5460.

Meagan Austin


Meagan Austin was born in Miami, Florida, but has resided in Tallahassee most of her life. Meagan is Beverage Law Institute’s Office Manager who serves our clients by being in constant contact throughout the process of buying or selling of a Quota license in the state of Florida. She obtains all the necessary documents when transferring a license as well as being our closing agent. She diligently creates all necessary documents to make the transaction a smooth process by overseeing all due diligence and ensuring the license is free and clear of any liens or holds.

Responsible Vendor Training

Since 1987, Beverage Law Institute’s Responsible Vendor Program has successfully trained vendors and its employees on the proper methods of selling and serving alcohol in a safe and responsible manner. Endorsed by the Florida Division of Alcoholic Beverages and Tobacco, our program provides clients with the necessary knowledge and skills to comply with Florida’s Responsible Vendor Act and maintain their current and future licenses.

Unique to Beverage Law Institute’s program and its subscribers is access to our network of attorneys specializing in the beverage and hospitality industries. If an issue should arise, legal representation and counsel will be provided through our network. Attorneys are selected to meet your localized needs and there are no additional costs for the initial consultation.