Since 1987, Beverage Law Institute’s Responsible Vendor Program has successfully trained vendors and its employees on the proper methods of selling and serving alcohol in a safe and responsible manner. Endorsed by the Florida Division of Alcoholic Beverages and Tobacco, our program provides clients with the necessary knowledge and skills to comply with Florida’s Responsible Vendor Act and maintain their current and future licenses.

Beverage Law Institute is dedicated to providing our clients with the latest vendor training modules and features, and has recently made various enhancements to our online Responsible Vendor Program and portal.

With the newly enhanced Responsible Vendor Program, users now have the ability to:

  • Appoint a designated trainer, allowing management and owners to oversee and have full access of personnel accounts, progress and questions.
  • Print a certificate of completion for completed exams and lessons.
  • Obtain a verification code for face-to-face meetings to provide additional accountability for the employee courses.
  • View the participant’s progress for each training section or lesson.
  • Provide proof of training with Tri-annual Training certificates for each trimester.
  • Archive training records for all managers and employees.
  • Access and secure legal representation and counsel at no additional cost for the initial consultation.

RVP Annual Cost $599

The enhanced benefits of our Responsible Vendor Program not only helps protect your business or establishment, but may also your lower insurance rates, reduce the risk of civil liability and protect licensees from suspension or revocation. If you have multiple locations, you may qualify for additional discounts per location please contact us for specific pricing.

Beverage Law Institute is proud to offer Florida vendors with the only Responsible Vendor Training Program providing these enhanced features. We believe each enhancement will provide our clients with the highest quality training and lessons, deliver a user-friendly experience and offer numerous services to protect the well-being of your establishment and license.

Legal Representation

Unique to Beverage Law Institute’s program and its subscribers is access to our network of attorneys specializing in the beverage and hospitality industries. If an issue should arise, legal representation and counsel will be provided through our network. Attorneys are selected to meet your localized needs and there are no additional costs for the initial consultation. Our network of attorney are ready to provide you with legal representation in the event of a beverage law compliance violation and or arrest of staff for serving to a minor.

RVP Registration

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